Military Friendly Schools

What are Military Friendly Schools?

In a nutshell, military friendly schools are schools that are structured around the lives of military service members.

Worried about being deployed during your education? No problem, these schools understand and allow you to take “leave” or study online.

Worried about moving? No problem, these schools understand and allow for online studies.

Have a bunch of credits from several schools? No problem. These schools allow you to transfer credits.

What questions should I ask a Military Friendly School?

1) Can I transfer credits? If yes, can I transfer from multiple schools?

2) Can I earn credit for any of my military training?

3) Do you accept GI Bill Benefits?

4) Are you a yellow ribbon school?

5) How much of your student body is from the military?

6) Do you have financial aid counselors specially trained in GI Bill Benefits?  Is there a veterean specific point of contact?

7) If you are planning on living on campus, do you have military specific housing or family housing?

8 ) What is your policy around being deployed and taking education leave?

9) Is your school WEAMS listed or SOC listed?

10) If I get deployed, can I switch from campus enrollment to online enrollment?

11) What is the school’s graduation rate?

12) Do you have tutoring programs that accept GI Bill benefits?

Other Resources

Also make sure to check out this helpful pamphlet about how to choose a military friendly school. (PDF Download) or Read Online.

Read our helpful article on Military Friendly Schools. 

Featured Schools

If you don’t see your school on the list – please check out the WEAMS database.





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